Typically, pool tables in bars need annual re-felting. Besides frequent use, such tables get abused by their players. For home pool tables, even with a few hours of daily use, felts only require changing every three or so years. In fact, a well-maintained table can get close to a decade out of each felt. Brushing and vacuuming can prolong the life of a table—same with keeping sunlight, dust and liquids off with a cover.

Regularly cleaning your pool table felt promises smoother gameplay and a longer lifespan. Chalk, dust and other debris get transported onto the table and, when settled, they can change the texture and appearance of the cloth. Note that a cover can protect your table from accidents and dirtiness when not in use. This is especially true in rooms that receive direct sunlight and in homes with pets.

Most billiards halls sport a one-piece slate table. With all the players leaning and climbing onto it, the single-piece most effectively withstands the weight and keeps from losing alignment or levelling. At 450 pounds, the slate is incredibly sturdy. Over time, though, that weight may cause it to sag or warp, and these gentle valleys formed in the stone become impossible to buff.

Hot tubs can leak for many reasons: routine wear-and-tear, improper maintenance, accidents and extreme weather. Unfortunately, most take some time to become noticeable—after all, water loss is normal. Bathers transport water from the tub after every use. Evaporation gradually lowers water levels without a cover as well.