Ella pool table makmes you wonder what to look for in a used pool table

New pool tables sometimes fetch a price of over $10,000. For an amateur player, this investment is too steep. Don't be fooled into thinking your only option is buying a used pool table, as there are still plenty of billiard tables at affordable prices.

Because of their size, many people decide to sell pool tables before a move or renovation. Similarly, some families pass their billiards equipment down from generation-to-generation. Along the line, someone might decide it's not for him or her.

Know when to replace your billiard table.
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Billiard tables can survive generations when well kept. That said, many people replace their tables every half-decade due to wear-and-tear.

Conditions like moisture, sunlight, and debris determine the longevity of a table. Not to mention, how a player treats it before, during, and after use.