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Adds Some Laughs to Your Hot Tub with These Fun Games

Add Some Laughs to Your Hot Tub with These Fun Games

Time in a hot tub helps remove stress from a long day, clear mental anxiety and treat muscle pain and soreness. Furthermore, hot tubs also make excellent spaces to unwind and socialize with friends and family. Of course, the size of your home spa can place limits on the number of people you’re able to incorporate, but it’s relaxed environment is great for facilitating connection with others. 

So, if you’re looking to capitalize on the social aspect of your hot tub, try implementing these games to foster an environment of fun and laughter with others.

Get Waterproof Games and Playing Cards

Just because you’re in a hot tub doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy classic games. By investing in a floating mat or tray, you can play games like checkers and chess in your hot tub. Also, with waterproof cards, the fun carries over into card games like go fish and UNO!

Not only can you take everyday games into the hot tub, you can also incorporate games made specifically for it! Below, are game suggestions that were created to facilitate fun in your home spa!

Ping Pong Outbreak: Ping pong outbreak is played by adding ping pong balls to your hot tub, while all players must avoid being touched by the balls. Players that are touched by the balls must exit the hot tub.

Cold Shower: Cold shower is definitely a fun game to liven up the atmosphere. For this game, you must fill up a balloon as much as possible without it popping. All players will sit on the edge of the hot tub and pass the balloon around. Each player must hold the balloon over their heads for five seconds before passing it to the next person. Eventually, the balloon will pop over someone’s head and that person will get a cold shower!

Submarine: Submarine requires two plastic cups to play. Start off by placing one cup in the water and filling it with just enough water to keep it upright.  Each individual must use the second cup to pour some water into the cup floating in the water. The first person to sink the cup in the hot tub loses.
The above games are just a few examples of ways to have fun with friends and family in your hot tub. And the best part is these games can be played by youth and adults alike!

Take to Your Backyard This Spring with These Outdoor Living Tips

Take to Your Backyard This Spring with These Outdoor Living Tips

A backyard is a place with so much potential for outdoor living. It can be a place for peaceful relaxation, quality time with loved ones or entertaining. Use the following advice to make the most of your outdoor space. 

Make it a Family Space

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to have kids spending all their time on some sort of technology device. From laptops to tablets, technology dominates our spare time. This can take away from time with family and prevent loved ones from really connecting with each other. 

Your backyard can be a great space for your family to spend quality time together. Instead of just sitting and watching a television series, why not enjoy the fresh air and good conversation. A backyard is also a great space to play board games or card games with others as well. 

Incorporate Outdoor Music

Incorporating an outdoor sound system is a great way to bring your favourite tunes outside with you; however, it’s not as simple as adding regular speakers outdoors. A key feature of an outdoor audio system is it needs to be waterproof. Another beneficial feature for outdoor audio is wireless technology. This prevents you from having to run wires over your patio, which is an electrical hazard, and also allows for a more convenient option to connect your sound system. 

When considering outdoor music, it’s also very important to be conscious of surrounding neighbours. If you live in close proximity to others, make sure to take that into consideration, to ensure you’re not interrupting the peace in the neighbourhood. 

Invite Friends and Family Over

Spending time with others is such an important aspect of human health. Being surrounded by those you care about and that care about you in return, reduces stress levels, decreases loneliness and leads to a overall happier existence. Fortunately, a great outdoor space provides the perfect opportunity to connect with others. 

Why Your Patio Space Needs a Gazebo

Why Your Patio Space Needs a Gazebo

Gazebos offer an ideal outdoor oasis for social entertaining, whether you want to house a hot tub under it or have a shelter for your outdoor dining or lounge space, these structures are very versatile in their use. Aesthetically, a gazebo also makes a great focal point for your backyard space and can extend the use of your patio into the winter season as well. 

What to Consider When Purchasing a Gazebo

If you’re looking to invest in a gazebo for your backyard space the following are aspects you must consider to choose a structure that complements your vision for you outdoor patio space:


Your gazebo size is highly dependent on the backyard space you have available. Also consider how you wish to use the structure. As mentioned above, gazebos make great shelters for a home hot tub or even for entertaining with family and friends. If you plan on holding large outdoor gatherings, a larger gazebo may serve you better, as it provides more room for people and better accommodates a table and seats for entertaining–this assuming that you have the space for a larger model.


There are numerous gazebo styles available to meet your functional needs and style preferences, at Canadian Home Leisure we offer three unique styles with a variety of selection in each style.

Open Air: Optimal for patio living in the summer as it gives you access to the breeze and still provides ample shelter for a hot tub in the winter months. 

Semi-Enclosed: Adds more privacy to the space, which makes it an ideal options for your hot tub!

Fully-Enclosed: The best option to keep off frigid winter winds and provide protection from bugs in the summertime. Fully-enclosed gazebos can be used as pool houses, hot tub rooms or even patio living rooms!


Gazebos generally come in three materials, wood, vinyl or metal. Wood offers a nice finish; however, it will need yearly painting and staining to maintain their nice finish. Both vinyl and metal don’t require the maintenance that wood does, as they aren’t susceptible to warping or rotting. 

Spruce Up Your Garden This Spring

Spruce Up Your Garden This Spring

As the last remnants of winter melt away, the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, many of us are starting to truly feel the arrival of spring. And we’re not the only ones! Nature feels it too and that includes your garden. As spring weather arrives on the scene, plants awake from their winter slumber, ready to soak up the sun. But, is your garden ready the awakening of its inhabitants? Use the tips below to get your garden ready for this spring.

Do Some Cleaning

Before you add in any new plant life, make sure to clean out your garden. This means removing plants that died over the winter, weeds that are beginning to sprout up in the spring and other debris that the winter has left behind. 

Add Feed for the Soil

After doing some cleaning, your garden is now ready for feeding. Spreading feed into your garden’s soil is excellent for adding the ideal nutrients for plant growth. This step helps to optimize plant growth, ensure you get the best colours from your plants and extend plant life. Healthy soil also looks and smells good!

Do Your Homework on New Flowers and Shrubs for Your Garden

When purchasing plants for your garden, don’t just buy randomly or go by what’s there at the moment, these decisions need to start at home with research. Your garden is a canvas and you want to create a visual on this canvas that you can appreciate and that fits with the overall theme of your backyard space. The following are key points to consider when you’re picking plants:

  • The climate in which you live;
  • The direction of your garden (i.e., north or south facing);
  • The amount of work you’re willing to put into maintaining your garden;
  • And the type of soil you have.

For more information on the above points, as well as other gardening tips, click here!

Check the Health of Older Plants

With older plants that are already established in your garden, make sure to show them some TLC this spring. Prune the sections that need trimming and examine them for any winter damage, like frosting. 

Discover How a Hot Tub Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Discover How a Hot Tub Helps You Achieve Your Fitness Goals

Staying active is an essential part of maintaining your overall health. Of course, we cannot discount the importance of other factors, like adequate rest and correct diet, but maintaining an active lifestyle is essential. Unfortunately, when physical ailments and the stresses of life come into play, many of us aren’t able to find the time or energy to exercise. Here are three pieces of advice on how to utilize your hot tub to achieve your fitness goals!

Take Advantage of Hydrotherapy

In simple terms, hydrotherapy is the use of water to reduce body pain and address other physical ailments. At Canadian Home Leisure, our spas utilize warm water and high-powered jets to create an optimal hydrotherapy environment for the user. These thermal and mechanical effects work to increase blood circulation and achieve a feeling of mental and physical relaxation and reduce pain sensation in the body. 

Here are examples of how the benefits of hydrotherapy carry over into your daily life. If issues such as joint pain are preventing you from being active, hydrotherapy helps to reduce that pain and enables you to exercise pain-free.  Hydrotherapy also shortens the recovery time from intense physical activity, allowing you to get active again a shorter time-span. 

Use a Hot Tub as Motivation

Are you striving to achieve a personal fitness goal but finding it difficult to muster the motivation to exercise? A soak in the hot tub makes a great reward for completing your required tasks. For instance, if you go for a jog, bike ride or visit an aerobics class, reward yourself with an evening soak in your home spa! This concept doesn’t have to be limited to fitness goals either. If you had a very successful presentation at work, reward yourself by unwinding in your hot tub.

Perform Low Impact Exercises

One aspect of performing exercises in the water, opposed to land, is the buoyancy that the water provides. Higher buoyancy means less pressure being placed on your joints from your body weight. This is especially effective for those with health issues, such as Arthritis. Your muscles will still be engaged from the resistance provided by the water. 

If you’ll be using your hot tub for exercise purposes, it’s important to adjust the temperature accordingly. A healthy temperature range for a hot tub, being used for physical exercise, is 33 to 37 degrees Celsius. 

Purchasing an Energy-Efficient Hot Tub

Purchasing an Energy-Efficient Hot Tub

When considering purchasing a hot tub, there many details to consider. One of these being the energy consumption that will accompany your new home spa. That’s right, if you purchase a hot tub expect to see your energy bill climb. Purchasing the most energy-efficient model possible and making use of smart ownership practices, will minimize the financial toll that a hot tub has on your home. Make sure to consider these four points when looking into the energy-efficiency of a potential hot tub.

Fitted Cover and Quality Insulation

Both these points revolve around preventing the removal of heat from your hot tub. And the more your water temperature drops, the harder your hot tub has to work to heat the water. Properly fitting spa covers stop rising heat from escaping the spa. On the other hand, spas with full-foam insulation provide dense insulation, which serves to maximize heat retention.

Hot Tub Placement

A hot tub that’s sheltered on all sides or located by a house corner or tall trees, won’t lose heat as fast as one with all the sides exposed. Having barriers around your spa helps to shelter it from cold winds and retain some of the heat. So, determining the right place for your hot tub is just as important as which one you choose. 

Plumbing Design

When it comes to energy-efficiency, basic is best. The more diverter valves and elbows and union points in the design, the poorer the jet performance will be and the more piping the water has to travel through. This allows for more heat to be lost as the water is cycled through the system.


Many hot tubs make use of lights on the exterior or inside the tub. Depending on the type of bulb being used, the amount of electricity that’s drawn upon varies. For instance, LED bulbs are much more conservative with their energy use than incandescent bulbs. 

Safety Tips to Avoid Injury When Operating Your Fire Pit

Safety Tips to Avoid Injury When Operating Your Fire Pit

Fire pits make great heat and light sources when the cold and dark of night threatens to end the festivities and can serve as a focal point for guests to interact, at outdoor gatherings, as they really promote conversation. Despite the benefits that a fire pit can contribute to your outdoor space, they won’t be realized with proper planning and preparation. Use these tips to properly plan and operate your fire pit!


Prior to purchasing your fire pit, it’s important to check if your city has regulations regarding their use. Regulations are important to look into because acting out compliance with them can lead to hefty fines. In some cities or countries, fire pits may be banned entirely, make sure to investigate that ahead of time.

Thorough planning of the place your fire pit will reside is also required for example, a fire extinguisher should be kept in close proximity to your fire pit, should it be needed. Check that the fire extinguisher is in proper working order and not too close to its expiration date. 

In terms of location, fire pits can’t go in enclosed locations, since fumes can be harmful without appropriate ventilation. The location should also be stable and free of nearby branches and shrubs that could catch fire. 


Always start your fire small and only use the recommended fire starters for your model. If you’re operating a wood burning fire pit, make sure not to pile the wood too high as that can cause burning pellets and sparks falling out of the pit and onto the surrounding areas. This is a serious safety hazard, as hot embers can potentially start a fire on surrounding grass areas. 

Fire pits should have adult supervision at all times and any children present must be closely watched and kept a safe distance from the flames. 


Once you have familiarized yourself with your fire pit and ensured all the necessary safety precautions are in place, you can enjoy the process of creating the desired ambiance. 

At Canadian Home Leisure, our fire pits do an excellent job of combining a functional product with an aesthetically appealing design to create the ideal option for outdoor entertaining. With the ability to customize the finish, size and colour, you can create the optimal fire pit for your backyard space. 

Are You Utilizing UV Spa Sanitation?

Are You Utilizing UV Spa Sanitation?

One essential element of hot tubs is the water sanitation system that works to treat all the water in your hot tub. The sanitation system prevents the build-up of harmful bacteria and keeps your spa environment safe for use.

One of the latest methods being employed for spa sanitation is the use of ultraviolet light. How UV spa sanitation works and the benefits that accompany this option will be discussed below.

How Does it Work?

UV spa sanitation utilizes ultraviolet light to remove microorganisms, eradicate toxic by-products and lower your need for chemical usage. This is accomplished by focusing high-intensity UV-C germicidal light rays on water passing over it. The germicidal light is installed in your hot tubs piping, in a sterilization chamber. This chamber prevents UV rays from entering the hot tub and causing you any bodily harm. 

What are the Benefits?

Harnessing ultraviolet light to disinfect spa water is also a very environmentally-friendly option as there are no adverse side-effects to animals, aquatic life, plants life or the environment. The UV light disrupts the DNA or RNA of organisms such as algae, bacteria and protozoa, which prevents them from reproducing. 

Organic matter is also a very environmentally-friendly option as there are no adverse side-effects on the environment such as animals, aquatic life or plant life. This UV light disrupts the DNA or RNA of organisms such as algae, bacteria and protozoa, which prevents them from reproducing. Organic matter is also effectively destroyed by the highly-concentrated electromagnetic energy, which helps avert the development of chlorine by-products in the water. These chloramines have been linked to asthma, allergies and even cancer. 

In Summation, UV spa disinfection helps eliminate harmful microorganisms, lower chemical usage and eliminate toxic by-products. At Canadian Home Leisure, we sell hot tubs that utilize this technology to provide you with a healthy environment for a soak.

Is Your Backyard Space Working for You?

Is Your Backyard Space Working for You?

Having backyard space is a privilege that not every homeowner has! If you are fortunate to have a home with outdoor space, make sure you’re utilizing it to the fullest; after all, spending time outdoors has numerous benefits. For example, natural light can help elevate your mood and taking in natural views, over urban views, can reduce stress and anxiety. Use the tips below to create your ideal backyard oasis!

Take the Time to Dream Big

Imagination is crucial to creating your ideal outdoor living area. Sit outside in your backyard and imagine the features that you would love to see in the space and how you would utilize it. For example, are you interested in cooking outside or having a fire pit to keep you toasty warm on cool evenings?

Dreaming without constraints allows you to see how you really want to use the space and the feel you want it to have. By doing this you’re creating a clear vision for the space. With a vision, you’ll be able to prioritize certain parts of your wish list and set more practical goals.

Compartmentalize Your Space

Trying to design and style your outdoor living space as a whole can be a difficult task, so consider breaking it into sections and looking at one section at a time. 

Compartmentalization helps prevent you from getting overwhelmed and makes this whole process of seem that much more within reach. 

Stylize According to Your Taste

It’s important to make sure that everything flows together and looks connected. When designing your landscape it’s also important to consider practical aspects as well. Remember, not only will you have to be able to financially support your vision for your backyard but also have to ensure it stays maintained. Consider the amount of time you’ll be able to put into tasks like trimming hedges.

Make Quality Time a Priority with Your Loved Ones

Make Quality Time a Priority with Your Loved Ones

Do you find that meaningful time with family members and close friends tends to be a lower priority than other areas of life? For all the parents out there, do you struggle to spend meaningful time connecting with your kids, while balancing busy careers?

There’s an irony that the work and responsibilities that allow us to live the lives we want are so often the very things that occupy the time that would otherwise be dedicated to connecting with those we work so hard for. So, how can we make quality time with others a priority in such a busy world? Maybe the answer lies in a home hot tub. Yes, that’s right, a home spa can help bring people together, find out how below!

How Can a Hot Tub Bring People Together?

Hot tubs keep everyone in a limited space, with a more intimate feel to it. The close proximity promotes communication and interaction. To further the goal of connecting, rules can be put in place to avoid distractions from outside factors. For instance, if you’re spending time in the hot tub with your significant other, maybe a rule that phones will be left behind needs to be put in place. Rules such as this enable you to just focus on connecting with the individuals in your presence and enjoy uninterrupted conversation. 

Not only do spas provide great space for conversation, the warm water and air jets enable you to enjoy a nice relaxing massage to unwind after a long day. 

Allocate a Period of Time to Spend as a Family

To succeed in making time for those that matter to you, it’s important to be intentional. For example, setting aside a few hours each day to reconnect with family, makes staying invested in each other’s lives much easier. It’s also important to ensure that all members of your family are aware of this plan and onboard with putting it into action.

2018 Patio Furniture Trends

2018 Patio Furniture Trends

Before we know it, summer will arrive again and with it, the desire to enjoy the summer weather will lead to more time entertaining in the backyard. And when it comes to creating an outdoor living area that you’ll want to spend your spare time, the style of the space is crucial. The following are some of the top outdoor living trends of 2018! Use the following info to create an outdoor living area you’ll never want to leave

Wicker is Wonderful

When it comes to material for outdoor furniture, resin wicker is still winning the popularity contest. With a plethora of styles to match your personal style and also being very durable to withstand harsh outdoor weather, wicker is an excellent combination of style and durability. 

Accessories are Great

Enabling homeowners to maximize ease and convenience in their outdoor living area, accessories continue to grow in popularity. Outdoor pieces that couple as storage, such as side tables, beverage coolers and fire pits, are all examples of accessories that can add to the style while enhancing the functionality of the space. 

Creativity is Essential

The trend for outdoor living is moving further away from more traditional furniture arrangements to more creative configurations that include more mixing and matching. For instance, a slate table can work well with woven chairs and a picnic style bench for seating. Mixing and matching furniture pieces of different materials and styling enables homeowners to create a space with a more personalized feel. 

Patio furniture is such a large component of outdoor living and finding the right pieces for your backyard can breathe life into the area and cause you and those you’ll share the space with to love the time spent there. At Canadian Home Leisure, we recognize the potential a backyard has to be a great living space for family and friends. 

Choosing the Right Fire Pit

Ask Yourself These Questions When Choosing a Fire Pit

Fire pits make an excellent source of heat for your outdoor space and are available in a wide variety of styles so you can select a model that best meets your needs and complements the aesthetics of your outdoor living area.

So, whether you’re looking to roast marshmallows and smores in your backyard or need a heat source to keep you and your guests toasty warm while you converse or tell scary stories, fire pits can meet those needs and give you a functional centerpiece for your backyard area. Here are questions to consider when choosing the right fire pit for your home!

 What Style Are You Looking For?

As mentioned above, fire pits can be a real focal point for your outdoor living area so it’s important you choose one that goes with your theme for the space. For instance, are you looking for a more modern design or do you want the most natural look possible?

It’s also important to consider whether you would like a portable or permanent fireplace. Your budget and whether you want to have the freedom to change the fire pits location in your yard, are two large factors in this decision. 

What Fuel is Required?

Fire pits are offered with different fuel options. Wood, propane and gas are the three fuel options available for most fire pits. Prior to making a decision, it’s important to recognize that your choice will impact the price point for your fire pit as well as the experience you have with it.

If having a crackling fire with the aroma of burning firewood is important to you, then natural wood may be your best option. If you are considering this option, keep in mind that the average size of wood logs is 24 inches, keep that in mind when choosing the size of your pit.

On the other hand, propane or natural gas options tend to be neater, as they don’t require a pile of wood, ashes, smoke or debris; however, the fire pit models can come with a heftier price tag. 

What Material Are You Going With?

Fire pits come in a number of different materials and when looking to purchase it’s important to consider how the material will affect not only the price point but also the longevity of the pit. Cast aluminum isn’t as likely to rust, while copper can stain. Cast iron is a good, durable choice; however, this material can be quite heavy.