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Is Your Backyard Space Working for You?

Is Your Backyard Space Working for You?

Having backyard space is a privilege that not every homeowner has! If you are fortunate to have a home with outdoor space, make sure you’re utilizing it to the fullest; after all, spending time outdoors has numerous benefits. For example, natural light can help elevate your mood and taking in natural views, over urban views, can reduce stress and anxiety. Use the tips below to create your ideal backyard oasis!

Take the Time to Dream Big

Imagination is crucial to creating your ideal outdoor living area. Sit outside in your backyard and imagine the features that you would love to see in the space and how you would utilize it. For example, are you interested in cooking outside or having a fire pit to keep you toasty warm on cool evenings?

Dreaming without constraints allows you to see how you really want to use the space and the feel you want it to have. By doing this you’re creating a clear vision for the space. With a vision, you’ll be able to prioritize certain parts of your wish list and set more practical goals.

Compartmentalize Your Space

Trying to design and style your outdoor living space as a whole can be a difficult task, so consider breaking it into sections and looking at one section at a time. 

Compartmentalization helps prevent you from getting overwhelmed and makes this whole process of seem that much more within reach. 

Stylize According to Your Taste

It’s important to make sure that everything flows together and looks connected. When designing your landscape it’s also important to consider practical aspects as well. Remember, not only will you have to be able to financially support your vision for your backyard but also have to ensure it stays maintained. Consider the amount of time you’ll be able to put into tasks like trimming hedges.

Make Quality Time a Priority with Your Loved Ones

Make Quality Time a Priority with Your Loved Ones

Do you find that meaningful time with family members and close friends tends to be a lower priority than other areas of life? For all the parents out there, do you struggle to spend meaningful time connecting with your kids, while balancing busy careers?

There’s an irony that the work and responsibilities that allow us to live the lives we want are so often the very things that occupy the time that would otherwise be dedicated to connecting with those we work so hard for. So, how can we make quality time with others a priority in such a busy world? Maybe the answer lies in a home hot tub. Yes, that’s right, a home spa can help bring people together, find out how below!

How Can a Hot Tub Bring People Together?

Hot tubs keep everyone in a limited space, with a more intimate feel to it. The close proximity promotes communication and interaction. To further the goal of connecting, rules can be put in place to avoid distractions from outside factors. For instance, if you’re spending time in the hot tub with your significant other, maybe a rule that phones will be left behind needs to be put in place. Rules such as this enable you to just focus on connecting with the individuals in your presence and enjoy uninterrupted conversation. 

Not only do spas provide great space for conversation, the warm water and air jets enable you to enjoy a nice relaxing massage to unwind after a long day. 

Allocate a Period of Time to Spend as a Family

To succeed in making time for those that matter to you, it’s important to be intentional. For example, setting aside a few hours each day to reconnect with family, makes staying invested in each other’s lives much easier. It’s also important to ensure that all members of your family are aware of this plan and onboard with putting it into action.

2018 Patio Furniture Trends

2018 Patio Furniture Trends

Before we know it, summer will arrive again and with it, the desire to enjoy the summer weather will lead to more time entertaining in the backyard. And when it comes to creating an outdoor living area that you’ll want to spend your spare time, the style of the space is crucial. The following are some of the top outdoor living trends of 2018! Use the following info to create an outdoor living area you’ll never want to leave

Wicker is Wonderful

When it comes to material for outdoor furniture, resin wicker is still winning the popularity contest. With a plethora of styles to match your personal style and also being very durable to withstand harsh outdoor weather, wicker is an excellent combination of style and durability. 

Accessories are Great

Enabling homeowners to maximize ease and convenience in their outdoor living area, accessories continue to grow in popularity. Outdoor pieces that couple as storage, such as side tables, beverage coolers and fire pits, are all examples of accessories that can add to the style while enhancing the functionality of the space. 

Creativity is Essential

The trend for outdoor living is moving further away from more traditional furniture arrangements to more creative configurations that include more mixing and matching. For instance, a slate table can work well with woven chairs and a picnic style bench for seating. Mixing and matching furniture pieces of different materials and styling enables homeowners to create a space with a more personalized feel. 

Patio furniture is such a large component of outdoor living and finding the right pieces for your backyard can breathe life into the area and cause you and those you’ll share the space with to love the time spent there. At Canadian Home Leisure, we recognize the potential a backyard has to be a great living space for family and friends. 

Choosing the Right Fire Pit

Ask Yourself These Questions When Choosing a Fire Pit

Fire pits make an excellent source of heat for your outdoor space and are available in a wide variety of styles so you can select a model that best meets your needs and complements the aesthetics of your outdoor living area.

So, whether you’re looking to roast marshmallows and smores in your backyard or need a heat source to keep you and your guests toasty warm while you converse or tell scary stories, fire pits can meet those needs and give you a functional centerpiece for your backyard area. Here are questions to consider when choosing the right fire pit for your home!

 What Style Are You Looking For?

As mentioned above, fire pits can be a real focal point for your outdoor living area so it’s important you choose one that goes with your theme for the space. For instance, are you looking for a more modern design or do you want the most natural look possible?

It’s also important to consider whether you would like a portable or permanent fireplace. Your budget and whether you want to have the freedom to change the fire pits location in your yard, are two large factors in this decision. 

What Fuel is Required?

Fire pits are offered with different fuel options. Wood, propane and gas are the three fuel options available for most fire pits. Prior to making a decision, it’s important to recognize that your choice will impact the price point for your fire pit as well as the experience you have with it.

If having a crackling fire with the aroma of burning firewood is important to you, then natural wood may be your best option. If you are considering this option, keep in mind that the average size of wood logs is 24 inches, keep that in mind when choosing the size of your pit.

On the other hand, propane or natural gas options tend to be neater, as they don’t require a pile of wood, ashes, smoke or debris; however, the fire pit models can come with a heftier price tag. 

What Material Are You Going With?

Fire pits come in a number of different materials and when looking to purchase it’s important to consider how the material will affect not only the price point but also the longevity of the pit. Cast aluminum isn’t as likely to rust, while copper can stain. Cast iron is a good, durable choice; however, this material can be quite heavy.

Four Tips to Make the Most of Outdoor Living in 2018!

Four Tips to Make the Most of Outdoor Living in 2018!

A well-designed and built outdoor space adds invaluable living space to your home and provides a seamless transition from your indoor living space. At Canadian Home Leisure, we’re passionate about helping you optimize your home! So, in continuation of: Create Your Dream Backyard Space in 2018, here are four more tips to maximize your outdoor living in 2018!

Determine How You Want to Use the Space

Having a clear vision for your outdoor space is crucial to achieving a finished result that you’ll love and will serve you well for years. So, determine whether you’re creating a functional lounge, dining space or just a fun outdoor entertaining area. 

The ideal outdoor space should be multifunctional: if you want a quiet place to read a book or an outdoor space for a family gathering, your backyard can handle both. 

Consider Sun Exposure

When planning your outdoor oasis, it’s important to take into account how much sun the area gets. Pergolas, awnings and gazebos are all great sources of shelter from the weather and come in a variety of styles and colours to match your design for the space. 

You’ll also want to take sun exposure into consideration when choosing what material you’d like to use for your patio, if you choose to have one laid. With stone, light colours, such as limestone, can be great options as they don’t absorb as much heat as their darker counterparts. On hot summer days, a cool patio helps make the space more comfortable and refreshing for use. 

Incorporate Radiant Heating

Radiant heating systems can be used both in and outside of a home. In terms of your backyard,  radiant heating systems can be utilized to heat your patio and walkways in the colder months. So, if you could benefit from an ice-free path to your hot tub or barbeque or just want to keep your patio free of snow, radiant heating systems can make this a reality. 

An important detail with radiant heating systems is that they must be installed under the patio itself, so it’s ideal to install such a system if you’re looking to replace aging patio or putting in one for the first time. 

Can I Barbeque in the Winter?

Can I Barbeque in the Winter?

Enjoying the delicious flavours of correctly barbequed food is one of my favourite aspects of summer. If you’re anything like me, that good cooking is missed when winter rolls around. With the cold temperatures, many of us cover up the barbeque and resign ourselves to wait until the warmer temperatures invite us to come out and fire-up the grill again!

But what if we didn’t have to wait until the end of winter to barbeque? Use the following tips to successfully barbeque in the winter!

Re-Position Your Cooking Area

Since winter weather is far from ideal for barbequing, the grilling process will become significantly easier if you can identify the direction the wind is blowing and choose a location that best shelters your barbeque from any winter blusters. 

Depending on where you barbeque was located in the summer, it may be able to just stay in the same spot.

Give Your Grill More Time to Warm-Up

Warming up the grill is important throughout the entire year; however, this process takes longer in the chillier months. Every grill is slightly different but allocating an additional five minutes to allow the grill to warm-up ensures your grill’s temperature will be suitable for cooking. 

Make Sure to Preserve Your Heat!

Since the outdoor air will be very cold and potentially below zero, keep the lid on the grill down and the vents open. Every time you open the grill it loses heat. 

Adjust Your Cooking Time

With the colder temperatures, it’s important to adjust your cooking time accordingly. A good rule of thumb is, add 20 minutes of cooking time per pound for every five degrees BELOW 45 degrees F. 

Choose Your Meat Accordingly

In winter weather, opting for quick cooking cuts minimizes the amount of time you’ll spend in the cold tending to your food. 

Thinner or smaller cuts of meat will cook quickly over a high fire. Thin steaks, pork loins, chicken breasts and kabobs grill to perfection in just a few minutes.

Here at Canadian Home Leisure, we can provide you with high-quality barbeques, so you can enjoy your favourite meals on the grill regardless of the season!

Enjoy Winter to the Fullest with a Four-Seasons Sunroom!

Enjoy Winter to the Fullest with a Four-Season Sunroom!

Do you yearn to enjoy your morning coffee in your backyard space? Ontario’s freezing winter temperatures makes enjoying such an experience unlikely. Fortunately, a four-season sunroom gives you the opportunity to enjoy the scenery and natural light of your outdoor space, while being protected from the natural. The following are additional reasons your home would benefit from a four-season sunroom if you don’t already have one. 

Increase the Functional Space in Your Home

The addition of a sunroom to your home gives you extra space that can be used for various different purposes. From entertaining friends and family to a place to just sit and relax with a coffee or tea, sunrooms can be whatever you need them to be. Other options for the space are a home office, exercise room or a room to gaze up at the stars at night. 

Enjoy the Outdoors 

A sunroom enables you to experience your outdoor space while taking advantage of the shelter an enclosed area provides. With a sunroom, you can sit in peaceful serenity and watch the birds in your backyard or snow fall to the ground in quiet peace and comfort. These spaces also allow you to enjoy an uninhibited view of the outdoors all year-round, without having to deal with unpleasant weather, irritating pests or other nuisances. 

Create a Sunroom That Fits Your Vision for the Space

Depending on your budget and the sunroom experience you’re looking to create, there are a variety of options available to you. Sunrooms can take various design forms and be made from aluminum, vinyl or even a glass solarium. 

At Canadian Home Leisure, we want to partner with you to make your sunroom dreams a reality. Whether you’re looking for a full four-season sunroom or a simple porch enclosure for the summer, we have an option to meet your needs. 

Create Your Dream Backyard Space in 2018

Create Your Dream Backyard Space in 2018

A new year has begun! 2017 is complete and 2018 has commenced. For many, the start of a new year is an opportunity to reflect on the year gone past and set new goals for this fresh start. If increasing the use of your outdoor space, is a goal for you this year, the following tips will help you transform your backyard into your dream space!

Maximize Your Deck or Patio

When it comes to outdoor entertaining, allocating more of your backyard to the deck or patio creates space for an outdoor kitchen, dining area and room to just relax. Whether you’re relaxing and enjoying a barbeque with friends in the summer or enjoying hot chocolate around a bonfire in the winter, proper patio space enables you to have multiple spaces to serve different purposes and still allow people to move around freely. 

Go for Quality not Quantity

Unlike with indoor furniture, outdoor furniture must not only endure the wear and tear from people but also weather conditions. Rain, snow and ice can all threaten the durability of your furniture, leaving it looking worn and faded. In addition to opting for higher quality pieces, invest in covers for them. Covering outdoor tables and chairs, when they’re not in use, is a great way to protect them from the elements and keep them looking pristine for years to come!

Depending on how you plan on utilizing your backyard, lots of furniture isn’t even necessary. For instance, if your outdoor space will mainly be used as an outdoor retreat for you or your family, opposed to entertaining or large parties, then a more minimalistic approach to your furniture is great. 

Consider Hiring a Professional

If you have experience with backyard projects and planning a less technical patio or deck design, professional help may not be needed; however, if you lack the knowledge and equipment for the task, hiring a professional is ideal. This will ensure the job is done in a timely manner and correctly!

At Canadian Home Leisure, we want you to enjoy outdoor living to the fullest, which is why we offer a wide selection of outdoor furniture and appliances to make your experience the best possible!

Use the Following Accessories to Elevate Your Winter Hot Tub Experience

Use the Following Accessories to Elevate Your Winter Hot Tub Experience

Canadian winters are a harsh time of year. With freezing temperatures and chilling winds, many opt to spend their time staying toasty warm inside, opposed to braving the elements. Fortunately, with proper care and preparation, hot tubs can be enjoyed all year-round. To get the most out of your hot tub experience this winter, make sure you’re using the following accessories. 

Use a Hot Tub Cover

It’s crucial to the functioning of your hot tub to have a cover. Hot tub covers properly insulate your spa, which reduces its energy consumption. By keeping in the heat and preventing the cold air from lowering the temperature of your spa’s water, your hot tub heater won’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature of the water. 

A hot tub cover is crucial to keep your hot tub water from being contaminated, preventing critters from accessing the tub and just keeping our bacteria, but as the temperatures drop, hot tub covers become even more important. 

Avoid Use of Jets

For winter hot tub use, it can be best to avoid using the jets. This function can blow cool air into the water and can rapidly lower the temperature of your hot tub. If you are interested in using them, use them sparingly and ensure they are turned off after your time in the water is done.  

Have a Jacuzzi Robe

Getting out of your nice warm spa in freezing temperatures can be a rather unpleasant experience. Having a nice warm Jacuzzi robe to put on, upon getting out, will help you stay warm. A towel warmer is an effective way to keep your towel or robe warm, while you’re enjoying a soak in your hot tub, so it’ll be toasty warm as you put it on. 

Hot tubs are a great way to relax and enjoy your outdoor space in the winter. At Canadian Home Leisure, we are proud to offer first-rate hot tubs for your use. For information on caring for your hot tub throughout the winter, check out our blog: Winter Must Know Hot Tub Tips!

Why Your Home Needs a Games Room

Why Your Home Needs a Game Room

Life has a tendency to get busy and if we’re not careful all our time can be spent on some form of work at the expense of family, friends and fun! Having a games room in your home is a great way to have an easily accessible outlet for recreational activity, with the family and friends.

Spend More Time Together

How much quality time does your family spend together? For many families, finding the time to enjoy each other’s company is difficult enough and then there’s the matter of finding activities that all members of the family will enjoy.

A games room, in your home, is a convenient way for everyone to stop what they’re doing and set aside time to enjoy games as a family. In addition to family entertainment, a games room also gives you more options for entertainment, when you have others over. 

Take a Break

Have you ever heard the saying, “everything in moderation?” This proves true when it comes to working. Whether it’s a child doing homework or an adult doing work for their job or around the house, taking time for a break can actually increase a person’s productivity and improve the overall quality of work. 

Improve Ability to Follow Instructions

Not only can games pull a family together and serve as a respite from work, but they can also be good for developing a child’s discipline. Games help teach children to follow directions, as well as sportsmanship. 

Games rooms come with a number of benefits and can greatly increase your home’s functionality and provide an awesome outlet for fun. At Canadian Home Leisure, we’re proud to offer top-quality products for your games room. From billiards tables to shuffleboards and dart boards, we offer a variety of games for your games room! And if you product ever needs maintenance, we can offer you a hand with this!

Tips for Staying happy and Healthy This Holiday Season

Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast-approaching, many find themselves in eager anticipation of the break from work–prior to the New Year commencing–or for some, it’s the idea of giving or receiving presents. Regardless of what part of the upcoming holidays you’re most excited for, it’s safe to say we all want to enjoy it before it’s gone! Below is advice on how to be happy and healthy this holiday season!

Stay Active

Just like with the rest of the year, staying physically active is crucial to our overall health. For many, our food intake increases over the break, which makes staying physically active even more important. If you’re not a big fan of the gym, there are numerous other ways to stay active that may be more to your liking. Some exercises to try this winter wonderland can be:

  • Ice skating 
  • Sledding
  • Or even snow sprints!

Leave Time for Rest and Relaxation

As much as celebrating and time with family and friends is part of the holiday season, so is recuperation! You can’t enjoy others company or be there for them when you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted yourself. 

Help Others

It’s important to remember not everyone is fortunate enough to have awesome holidays. For some, this time of year is a reminder of loved ones lost, while others struggle to meet their basic needs let alone have joyous festivities. 

Make this the year you pay-it-forward! Whether it’s finding an opportunity to serve in your local community or inviting friends or colleagues, who spend this time of year alone, to be a part of your celebrations. You’ll be surprised how much joy you can receive from helping those around you!

Be Disciplined with Food

Do you have a tendency to pack on some extra pounds over the holidays? With lots of tasty cuisines and more dessert than usual, it’s easy to go crazy on the food. Fortunately, staying healthy doesn’t mean forgoing your favourite meals and desserts. 

Instead of eating one giant meal, try eating several smaller portions. It’s also important to watch out for liquid calories, such as those found in alcoholic beverages. 

Don't Let the Cold End Your Outdoor Entertaining!

Don’t Let the Cold End Your Outdoor Entertaining!

If you love using your outdoor space for entertaining family and friends, late-fall and winter can be a drag, as the cold weather can greatly reduce the appeal of utilizing outdoor living space for many. Fortunately, chilly temps don’t have to move your parties indoors. Use this guide to enjoy your outdoor space well into the winter!

Center Your Food and Beverage Options Around the Winter Season

Outdoor winter parties give you a reason to enjoy food and beverages that accompany this time of year. For instance, hot beverages like apple cider with cinnamon sticks and hot chocolate are great beverage options. For food options, lasagnas, stews and various spaghetti dishes are all excellent main courses. For additional meal and beverage ideas, click here!

Incorporate a Fire Pit

A major concern with outdoor winter gatherings is keeping all your guests toasty warm. Fire pits are an excellent heat source to achieve this goal. To capitalize on the heat being produced, place the fire pit at the center of the party. Benches and chairs can surround the fire pit to so everyone can access the heat.

Fire pits come in both portable and permanent setups, allowing homeowners to choose the best option for their budget. 

Have a Sheltered Area

Having a sheltered area helps retain the heat, keeping the food, drinks and guests warm. A sheltered area also helps protect against cold winds and potential rain or snow that would otherwise force you to take your festivities indoors. 

At Canadian Home Leisure, we offer an extensive selection of open air, semi-enclosed and fully-enclosed gazebos that serve as great cover outdoors. 

Winter is a long season in Ontario and outdoor entertaining is way too much fun to limit to the summer months. Use the tips discussed above to hold successful get-togethers throughout the colder months as well!