Why Your Home Needs a Games Room

Why Your Home Needs a Game Room

Life has a tendency to get busy and if we’re not careful all our time can be spent on some form of work at the expense of family, friends and fun! Having a games room in your home is a great way to have an easily accessible outlet for recreational activity, with the family and friends.

Spend More Time Together

How much quality time does your family spend together? For many families, finding the time to enjoy each other’s company is difficult enough and then there’s the matter of finding activities that all members of the family will enjoy.

A games room, in your home, is a convenient way for everyone to stop what they’re doing and set aside time to enjoy games as a family. In addition to family entertainment, a games room also gives you more options for entertainment, when you have others over. 

Take a Break

Have you ever heard the saying, “everything in moderation?” This proves true when it comes to working. Whether it’s a child doing homework or an adult doing work for their job or around the house, taking time for a break can actually increase a person’s productivity and improve the overall quality of work. 

Improve Ability to Follow Instructions

Not only can games pull a family together and serve as a respite from work, but they can also be good for developing a child’s discipline. Games help teach children to follow directions, as well as sportsmanship. 

Games rooms come with a number of benefits and can greatly increase your home’s functionality and provide an awesome outlet for fun. At Canadian Home Leisure, we’re proud to offer top-quality products for your games room. From billiards tables to shuffleboards and dart boards, we offer a variety of games for your games room! And if you product ever needs maintenance, we can offer you a hand with this!

Tips for Staying happy and Healthy This Holiday Season

Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy This Holiday Season

With the holidays fast-approaching, many find themselves in eager anticipation of the break from work–prior to the New Year commencing–or for some, it’s the idea of giving or receiving presents. Regardless of what part of the upcoming holidays you’re most excited for, it’s safe to say we all want to enjoy it before it’s gone! Below is advice on how to be happy and healthy this holiday season!

Stay Active

Just like with the rest of the year, staying physically active is crucial to our overall health. For many, our food intake increases over the break, which makes staying physically active even more important. If you’re not a big fan of the gym, there are numerous other ways to stay active that may be more to your liking. Some exercises to try this winter wonderland can be:

  • Ice skating 
  • Sledding
  • Or even snow sprints!

Leave Time for Rest and Relaxation

As much as celebrating and time with family and friends is part of the holiday season, so is recuperation! You can’t enjoy others company or be there for them when you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted yourself. 

Help Others

It’s important to remember not everyone is fortunate enough to have awesome holidays. For some, this time of year is a reminder of loved ones lost, while others struggle to meet their basic needs let alone have joyous festivities. 

Make this the year you pay-it-forward! Whether it’s finding an opportunity to serve in your local community or inviting friends or colleagues, who spend this time of year alone, to be a part of your celebrations. You’ll be surprised how much joy you can receive from helping those around you!

Be Disciplined with Food

Do you have a tendency to pack on some extra pounds over the holidays? With lots of tasty cuisines and more dessert than usual, it’s easy to go crazy on the food. Fortunately, staying healthy doesn’t mean forgoing your favourite meals and desserts. 

Instead of eating one giant meal, try eating several smaller portions. It’s also important to watch out for liquid calories, such as those found in alcoholic beverages. 

Don't Let the Cold End Your Outdoor Entertaining!

Don’t Let the Cold End Your Outdoor Entertaining!

If you love using your outdoor space for entertaining family and friends, late-fall and winter can be a drag, as the cold weather can greatly reduce the appeal of utilizing outdoor living space for many. Fortunately, chilly temps don’t have to move your parties indoors. Use this guide to enjoy your outdoor space well into the winter!

Center Your Food and Beverage Options Around the Winter Season

Outdoor winter parties give you a reason to enjoy food and beverages that accompany this time of year. For instance, hot beverages like apple cider with cinnamon sticks and hot chocolate are great beverage options. For food options, lasagnas, stews and various spaghetti dishes are all excellent main courses. For additional meal and beverage ideas, click here!

Incorporate a Fire Pit

A major concern with outdoor winter gatherings is keeping all your guests toasty warm. Fire pits are an excellent heat source to achieve this goal. To capitalize on the heat being produced, place the fire pit at the center of the party. Benches and chairs can surround the fire pit to so everyone can access the heat.

Fire pits come in both portable and permanent setups, allowing homeowners to choose the best option for their budget. 

Have a Sheltered Area

Having a sheltered area helps retain the heat, keeping the food, drinks and guests warm. A sheltered area also helps protect against cold winds and potential rain or snow that would otherwise force you to take your festivities indoors. 

At Canadian Home Leisure, we offer an extensive selection of open air, semi-enclosed and fully-enclosed gazebos that serve as great cover outdoors. 

Winter is a long season in Ontario and outdoor entertaining is way too much fun to limit to the summer months. Use the tips discussed above to hold successful get-togethers throughout the colder months as well!

Are You Properly Maintaining Your Shuffleboard Table?

Are You Properly Maintaining Your Shuffleboard Table?

Properly caring for your shuffleboard table helps you get the most life out of your investment and keeps it in top shape for years to come. If you’re the proud owner of a shuffleboard table or looking to purchase one, keep these maintenance tips in mind!

Tuning Your Shuffleboard Table

Changes in temperature and humidity level can impact the shape of your shuffleboard, causing it to become misaligned. Shuffleboard climatic adjusters allow you to correct any misalignments, for an optimal playing surface. Depending on the shuffleboard you purchase, climatic adjusters may or may not be included. These adjusters can be purchased separately, should they not come with the board. 

Positioning of Your Shuffleboard Table

Avoid having your table next to sources of direct sunlight, such as windows. The sunlight results in constant expansion and contraction of your table that can lead to your table becoming warped. When not in use, both indoor and outdoor tables should be covered. A cover is of greater importance with outdoor tables; however, covering your indoor shuffleboard table helps prevent it from becoming warped.

Cleaning Your Shuffleboard Table

The best method to clean your table is dependent on its finish. The following are cleaning recommendations for various table finishes. 

Polymer Finish

This finish can be cleaned with a damp rag and wiped down. Glass cleaners or multi-purpose cleaners are also safe for use on polymer surface tables, as they won’t damage the finish. 

Lacquer Finish

If your table has a lacquer finish, it can be kept looking brand new with a quality furniture wax for wood applications. This can be done with a lint-free cloth, once a month or as needed. 

Traditional Wood Finish

For tables comprised of older natural wood, cleaning with a mixture of water and vinegar (1/4 cup) is a good cleaning solution. For optimal results, add a few drops of wood polish, to bring out the natural rich tones of the wood. 

Shuffleboards are a lot of fun, don’t let poor maintenance cause yours to deteriorate sooner than it should. 

Optimize Your Small Space for Entertaining

Optimize Your Small Space for Entertaining

Are you looking to utilize your home space for entertaining friends and family, but limited space has prevented you from throwing the parties you’ve always wanted to? Don’t let space restrictions stop you from having blast with those closest to you! Here are tips for how to entertain in a small space. 

Move Around Furniture

To best utilize the space you do have available for entertaining, you may need to move some of your furniture. For instance, moving furniture closer to the walls frees up the most space possible for your guests, preventing them from being huddled together. Also, consider moving furniture that won’t be used to another area of the home, such as your bedroom. This helps free up additional space for entertaining your guests. 

Be Creative

When working with a limited space, creativity is key! With a little ingenuity, many areas of your home can be used for a different function to help meet your entertaining needs. If your main dining table doesn’t offer enough space for all your guests, slide together two coffee tables provide another space for dining. Your sink can be filled with ice to form a beverage cooler and a large island, in a small kitchen can serve as a buffet table. 

Control Traffic

When working with a limited space, it’s not hard for your guests to all congregate together and become all bunched together in one area. Fortunately, as a host, there are steps you can take to keep your guests moving and prevent people huddling together in one area. One of the best things you can do is spread everything out! For example, have your bar, meal and dessert in different areas to help keep people moving and not congregating in one area.


Hot Tub Advice for the Winter Months

Hot Tub Advice for the Winter Months

With winter closing in on us, many of us are still trying to come to terms with the chillier temperatures and the outdoor activities that the warmer months allow us to enjoy. Fortunately, colder temperatures don’t mean we can’t enjoy the hot tub any longer. If you plan on using your hot tub this winter, consider the following.

Plan Your Exit from the Water

Unlike in summer, spring or even fall, winter’s colder temperatures can make getting out of a steamy hot tub a shocking experience for your body. To avoid this unpleasant experience at the end of your soak, have a dry fluffy bathrobe or towel nearby to make your exit more comfortable.

Also, in the winter it is important to be cautious for hard ice and snow that could cause you to lose your balance and hurt yourself. Prior to using your hot tub, clear a path from your home to your tub–that is free of snow or ice. And make sure that you wear shoes or slippers with good tread to prevent falling.

Maintain a Reasonable Water Temperature

Maintaining appropriate water temperature is very important with hot tub use. If the water temperature is too high, there’s potential for you to become drowsy and even unconscious, which could lead to drowning.

It’s especially important to watch temperature in the colder months because the colder air surrounding you may confuse your internal temperature and you may be hotter than you realize. When using your spa in the winter months, limit your soaking time to 15 minutes and the water temperature to 100 degrees.

This advice pertains to healthy adults and if you have any known health conditions or are taking any medications that impact how your body responds to high temperatures, you should definitely consult your doctor before using a hot tub.

Choosing the Right Billiards Table for You

Choosing the Right Billiards Table for You

A billiards table is a great source of entertainment to play with friends and family and makes a great addition to a game room. If you’re considering adding a billiards table to your home, you’ll want to answer the following questions prior to purchasing the table. 

What is the Right Size for You?

It’s important to consider where your billiards table will go in your house before you pick it up. When picking the right spot, choose a part of your home with even flooring. Depending on its size, your table could potentially weigh a ton. So take your time picking the right spot so you don’t have to move your table any time soon!

The size of your billiards table impacts the difficulty level. Think of an eight-foot table as being of intermediate difficulty. Longer tables can increase the difficulty as they promote longer and more difficult shots, whereas, smaller sizes cause the balls to become more clustered. 

Unfortunately, many of us have space restrictions that put limitations on how large the billiards table can be. You will need approximately six feet of space on each side of the table to provide adequate room to make your shots. If your billiards table is located too close to surrounding walls, be prepared for scuff marks on your walls. 

Does it Come with a Warranty?

When purchasing a billiards table, it’s important to consider any needs that may arise in the long-run. For instance, what if the surface of your table becomes damaged or over time the table become not level? Will the place of purchase provide the services to make it right?

At Canadian Home Leisure, we proudly offer a wide selection of high-quality billiards tables, so you can find the best table for your needs. And we don’t stop there, even after purchase our services don’t stop there. If you need your billiards table serviced, we are at your service!

Enjoy Some of the Top Dart Games

Enjoy Some of the Top Dart games

Darts is a great way to pass the time with friends and family. Here are some awesome darts games to enjoy the next time you’re entertaining!

Doubleday Baseball

For all the baseball fans out there, Doubleday Baseball is the darts game for you. In this game, you want to score more home runs than your opponent. To play, write the numbers one through nine vertically down the board to represent the innings in the game. To determine the order of play, each player will throw one dart at the bullseye. Order is based from closest to furthest from the bullseye.

The player who through closest to the bullseye chooses between being pitcher or batter. The pitcher’s job is to throw one dart at any number (except bullseye) on the board. The dart is LEFT IN THE BOARD the whole time the batter is at bat (1/2 inning). This will be the scoring number for the batter. The batter has to get as many runners home before scoring three outs.

Fifty-One in 5’s

Fifty-One in 5’s can be played by any number of players. The objective of This game is to be the first player to reach exactly 51. For score, write each player’s name on a sheet or board and keep a running total of each person’s score.

The game works when each player throws three darts in a row. And the hope is that you get a score divisible by 5. For instance, if a player throws a single 20, a single 20 and a single 5, that gives the player to be a total of 45. When divided by 5 this would give the player a total of 9.

Mickey Mouse

The goal of Mickey Mouse is to “close” all your numbers (20 down through 12, any three triples and bulls-eye). You must hit three of a number to close it. To determine playing order, players will each throw one dart at the bullseye. Whoever gets closest goes first. The player who goes first throws three darts in an attempt to close out any of the scoring numbers. Mickey Mouse has no real strategy, except throwing accurate darts.

Can I Buy a Hot Tub Used?

Can I Buy a Hot Tub Used?

In an attempt to save money, you may consider realizing your hot tub dreams by purchasing a used hot tub; however, taking this avenue may not have the desired result. Here are some reasons that you may want to rethink purchasing a used hot tub.

Spa Quality

Unlike a house or car, hot tubs have a shorter lifespan–quality hot tubs will last approximately 15 years. A used hot tub can have wear and tear preventing the equipment from functioning optimally.

Reputable Seller

Unlike when you’re purchasing from a hot tub dealer, many used hot tubs are sold by other people looking for others interested in a home spa. In this scenario, it’s hard to guarantee that the individual has properly up kept the hot tub and performed the required maintenance on it.

If you still want to pursue the route of a used hot tub, try finding a dealer who sells them. Dealers have a reputation to sustain and are less likely to sell a poor quality unit. Also, consider buying from a close friend or family member you can trust. And prior to purchasing a used tub, remember to test it to confirm everything works (i.e., heater, jets, etc.)

Benefits of Purchasing a New Hot Tub


New hot tubs come with a warranty that covers the tub and any repairs that need to be done should something break during the warranty period.

Professional Delivery & Installation

Properly setting up your hot tub is extremely important. Any mishandling during the installation can damage your hot tub. At Canadian Home Leisure, we are proud to offer our customers professional delivery and installation.

More Selection

With used hot tubs, you’ll notice your selection is much more limited. This selection is likely to become even smaller once you’ve eliminated non-reputable sources. Entrusting your spa needs to a dealer opens you up to a wider selection and more updated models.  

Let Us Help You to Have an Awesome Thanksgiving

Let Us Help You to Have an Awesome Thanksgiving!

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, have you done all the necessary preparations for a fun, relaxing time with friends and family? Here are some tips to preparing for Thanksgiving.

Always Be Open to Help

The more hands helping, the faster preparations can be completed. Call upon family and friends who will be attending your Thanksgiving gathering and delegate various tasks to different people. Not only does this speed-up the process but it gives you less of a headache. For instance, with meal preparation, make your Thanksgiving feast a potluck and get each family to bring a dish.  

Be Proactive in Preparation

Avoid last-minute rushing. This tends to leave people stressed out and prevent them from really enjoying the moment. Preparing ahead of time reduces the amount that needs to be done on Thanksgiving day.  When deciding on food dishes to be served, look at what can be prepared ahead of time.

Even if you can’t prepare a full dish ahead of time, think of certain parts that can be started so when it comes time to complete the whole task, it can be done much quicker. Examples of tasks that can be completed beforehand are setting the seating arrangement the night before your Thanksgiving meal or even making the turkey the day before.

Consider Buying Parts of the Meal

Preparing an entire Thanksgiving feast is a big task. There’s nothing wrong with purchasing a pie or gravy for your meal. Purchasing part of the meal is a great way to shorten the amount of time spent cooking.

Create a Timeline and Master List of What Needs to Be Done

Having a master list ensures no task is overlooked, from meal preparation to entertainment or the guest list. A timeline shows which tasks need to be completed first and gives a date that they need to be done by.

At Canadian Home Leisure, we want to help you design a one-of-a-kind space for entertaining. Whether you want to turn your basement into a fun games room or transform your outdoor space for great outdoor living, we can help realize your dream! 

Can My Dog Go in the Hot Tub

Can My Dog Go in the Hot Tub?

For all the dog lovers out there, taking a soak in your home spa with your pet may sound like a great time; however, before you bring your dog into the hot tub, consider the following points.

Hot Tub Cleanliness

A very important aspect of hot tubs is keeping the water as clean as possible to make it a safe environment for all users.  Throughout the day, dogs will trap dust, debris and potentially even small insects in their fur. Should you allow your dog into the hot tub, you’re risking having your pool water contaminated.

Any dirt, grime and even fur released in your spa water, from your dog, can put additional strain on your spa filter. Although taking your dog into the hot tub isn’t recommended, your pooch should be thoroughly washed before being allowed to access the water to prevent these concerns.

Health Concerns for Your Dog

Not only is taking your dog in the hot tub a bad idea from a cleanliness standpoint, it can also negatively affect your dog. First off, dogs don’t sweat like us and can only release excess body heat through panting. If your dog goes in the hot tub, there is a good chance he or she could overheat. Also, the chlorine that’s added to keep your spa water clean can damage your dog’s hair and skin.

Make Your Hot Tub a Human Only Zone

To ensure the best health for you and your dog, it’s best that you restrict your hot tub guests to humans. This prevents any hot tub users from getting sick or even skin irritations due bacteria brought in by your dog. In addition to human bathers, your dog will also be better off as the hot temperatures and chlorinated water will do more harm than good.  

How Many Years Can I Expect to Get Out of My Hot Tub

How Many Years Can I Expect to Get Out of My Hot Tub?

With the time and financial investment put into purchasing and preparing a home spa for use, it’s important spa owners enjoy their purchase for as long as possible. When it comes to the longevity of a spa, quality and care are two main factors.

Spa Quality

Spas made with high-quality materials can withstand more wear and tear, resulting in a longer lifespan. Spas made with cheaper materials are more likely to need components replaced in a shorter time frame and not last as long. At Canadian Home Leisure, we are proud to provide top-quality home spas, so our customers can enjoy their investment for years to come!

Spa Care

When considering purchasing a hot tub, it’s important to recognize that maintenance will be a part of the process. Performing maintenance at regular intervals helps avert residue build-up that causes various components of your hot tub to wear-down faster. One example of routine maintenance is draining of your spa. This should be done three to four times a year.

Having the appropriate accessories and equipment is also crucial for optimal spa health. For instance, a spa cover not only prevents debris from entering your hot tub but it helps keep in the heat. In colder temperatures, this prevents your spa heater from having to work twice as hard to keep your spa hot. Without the cover, the heater could easily burn out and need to be replaced.

Another important aspect of hot tub care is changing the filters. This not only helps keep your water clear and bacteria-free, but it stops your filtration system from becoming clogged with contaminants, which forces your pump to work harder.


If you combine a well-built home spa with proper maintenance, you can easily enjoy your spa for 15 to 20 years.